jncn homes

JNCN HOMES is the pioneer of China's assembly building. Since its establishment (2008-now), we have introduced concepts to product development, housing design, standard setting, material application, compliance matching, supplier cooperation, supply chain management, logistics transportation, on-site construction, project supervision and guidance, completion and handover. JNCN HOMES has invested a lot of resources in R&D. And accumulated abundant experience and massive first-hand data from practice. On this basis, we have developed a unique lightweight steel housing construction system in Twelve years. The system can be built in a limited time using only the most basic skills without the assistance of large-scale machinery and equipment, and the system can be mass-produced in the factory. It is the best solution for housing construction in remote areas where transportation is inconvenient and skilled workers are lacking. At present, the system has landed in Australia, New Zealand and  United States,Europe, Middle East, Africa market, and has been proved to be a market leader, mature application solutions.

JNCN HOMES Covers about over 30,000 square meters, with over 600 skilled workers, JNCN HOMES now runs two manufacturing bases and one research and development center, while possess one fully automatic powder-coating line and two color steel sandwich panel production lines we have a Production capacity for 1 million square meter light steelhouse annually. We have now succeeded in passing ISO90012008 Enterprise Quality Management Authentication, and besides, our products also obtain Guangdong Province's Outstanding Product Quality Certificate.

Based on the huge demand of the global market, JNCN HOMES is dedicated to the development, promotion and application of light steel housing construction system and building application solutions. JNCN HOMES is a company integrating design, production, construction and marketing. It has rich experience in Australia, New Zealand and  United States,Europe, Middle East, Africa. Our products provide fast solutions for the construction of independent villas, hotels, schools and mine dormitories. And it greatly saves the cost of the project.

NET ZERO WITH EASEWith energy savings of up 90% on heating and cooling over traditional wood framing, JNCN HOMES® is ideally suited to reach and surpass many green building standards.
EFFICIENT INTEGRATORMechanical systems are easy to incorporate without affecting the thermal integrity of the structure, from solar roof panels to energy storage and HVAC solutions.
LOW IMPACTAll JNCN HOMES components are shipped flat-packed and assembled on site with minimal disruption to the environment, requiring no heavy machinery or specialized tools.
BUILD ON ANY LOTMaximize lot potential and build on difficult terrains with ease by showcasing the architectural benefits and structural advantages of the JNCN HOMES construction system.
LOCAL LABORJNCN HOMES homes are easy to assemble by local labor. Requiring very few tools and training, your existing team will love the precision and efficiency of our building system.
COORDINATIONFrom design and planning to engineering and structural services: we offer it all in-house. Our team runs smoothly and efficiently, no matter the scale of the project or complexity of design.
  • Patented Construction System

    Patented structural steel frame and insulation system for high performance and energy efficient custom homes.

  • Net Zero Energy Ready

    A Net Zero Energy Home is an energy efficient building whose annual energy consumption is less than or equal to the renewable energy produced on-site.

  • Minimal WasteWaste

    is minimized on the construction site.

  • Outsourced Manufacturing

    Manufacturing is ubiquitous and flexible. Materials used are a commodity.

  • Pre- engineered Construction

    Work with local builders and local labor. Not reliant on skilled labor.

  • Universal Metrics

    System developed to be understood by anyone,anywhere.